We are fortunate to have on-staff an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) whose sole focus is on human lactation and infant feeding. Mothers struggling with breastfeeding problems, such as latching difficulties, painful nursing or low milk production can book a lactation consultation where an IBCLC will take a thorough history, perform an examination on mom and baby and observe feeding.

The Lactation Consultant  will then  form an assessment, develop a care plan, and provide follow-up as necessary.

At Centre de Santé Pelvienne we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach and if needed the IBCLC will collaborate with other members of our health care team to ensure comprehensive care.

Reasons for Consultation:

  • Prenatal counseling about the factors and practices that promote successful breastfeeding and lactation
  • Induction of lactation for adoption or surrogacy
  • Postpartum issues related to:

o Nipple or breast pain

o Tongue and lip tie

o Inadequate milk transfer or supply

o Supplementation at the breast

o Low weight gain

o Managing overabundant production and overactive letdown reflex

o Engorgement, recurrent obstructed milk ducts and/or mastitis

o Reflux

o Starting solids

o Weaning

o Milk expression and storage

o Breastfeeding and lactation after returning to work

o Feeding twins or triplets, a premature or sick infant, or infants in special medical situations.